Saturday, August 19, 2006

A successful book event

Thanks to Mona and her mother for hosting a successful Martha Moth-Bug party! This event took place in Reston, Virginia-- it included a reading of Martha Moth Makes Socks, yarn + dust candy, bookmark making, a bug drawing contest and bug themed desserts--lady bug cookies and a worm covered cake!
(pictures coming soon)

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Seth Hill said...


I was talking the other day with my friend Chris Crosby who went to high school with you. He told me about the book, and I've looked around for it, but haven't gotten to read it yet. I love what I can see of it online though. It's totally in the style I remember you for.

That's awesome that you live in Greenpoint. I actually lived there too for a summer. Wonderful Polish place. Anyways, I would like to meet up with you and do lunch or something if you are free. I'm in NY all this week. Maybe before you're big Utah debut?

My number is 801-602-4192