Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sarah Prineas and The Magic Thief

Years and years ago I illustrated a wonderful short story call The Illuminated Dragon by Sarah Prineas for Strange Horizons magazine. I was excited to hear that Harper Collins is publishing Sarah Prineas' new fantasy series called The Magic Thief in the summer of 2008. She is a unique and gifted author and I can't wait to read the new books.

Luckily Sarah liked what I did for The Illuminated Dragon and asked me to paint a dragon for her website, . Check out her website for news and previews of her work.


mer said...

holy cow Kari! this is beautiful. It just might be my favorite thing I've seen of yours.

Sasha Mari said...

kari that is an incredible dragon! I have never seen it before - why hold out big brother? I am really happy for you - this is a grat opportunity.