Thursday, October 23, 2008

Washington Post Review of Bone Soup

Here is the newest review from the Washington Post!

"Familiarity with Stone Soup, the traditional tale of three hungry soldiers who trick an entire village into making soup for them from a pebble, isn't absolutely necessary to enjoy this deliciously shivery send-up . . . but it adds to the fun. The fright-inducing cover sports a greenish moon-shaped face, an eyeball floating in a spoon and the title spelled out in (what else?) bones. Inside, readers meet the rest of moon-faced Finnigin, whose stubby square teeth, squashy body and striped stockings resemble a ladybug gone haywire. Finnigin is looking for a feast. When the witch, mummy, beasts and zombies that he encounters claim they don't have anything for him, he resorts to trickery. The solution involves bat wings, spider eggs, toenail clippings, frog legs and other ghastly ingredients. The double-page spread of the pot filled to the brim with green goop is guaranteed to elicit groans. The illustrations, which borrow paneled layouts and speech balloons from the comics, are filled with tiny visual jokes. Kids will eat Bone Soup up."


Kos said...

Fantastic review! And from the Washington Post no less. Congratulations.

Mel said...

I had a group of 8-11 year old girls at the museum yesterday for a bit of a tour of the exhibit and told them I'd read a book at the end. They unanimously agreed they wanted me to read Bone Soup, and the loved it! Plus it is hands down the top seller at the museum store!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Love your book BONE SOUP! The art and text make a perfect pairing for a great picture book to read aloud to young children at Halloween time. I'm just hoping that I can find enough time in my schedule to write up a review of your book to post on my kidlit blog before October 31st.